Product Design and 3D Modeling

I am specialized in 3D modeling with a variety of CAD packages. The final 3D file or technical drawings that I will provide you will be ready for production or ready for 3D printing if you require to print a prototype for your new product.

Production ready designs and watertight 3D models for 3D Printing, require special technical knowledge and expert skills on 3D modeling which I’m offering you off the shelf to the highest standard.

Proper product presentation can be as valuable as proper product design and rendering is an integral part of it. I have deep knowledge and understanding of how to present your new product with high-quality HD renderings for magazines, portfolio sites or for online sales. You will get the best rendering solutions with special attention to details.

Do you have 3D Scan data that needs editing? The raw 3D models that Scanners produce need additional processing in order to be used. I can undertake the cleaning, processing of the raw data and deliver you production-ready, 3D print-ready and Rendering-ready 3D models in excellent condition.

I will be in constant engagement with you during the design-manufacturing iterations of the prototype phase until a product is manufactured that satisfies all of its requirements. No compromises allowed.

Architectural Visualization for Virtual Reality

Do you have real estate properties for sale and you want to make them stand out from the crowd? Do you have an old apartment that needs renovation and you want to show to the world how beautiful will it become? Do you construct a building from scratch and could use a little help in the interior and exterior visualization? Do you want to present a scene to your audience and don’t want to physically set it up? Then Photorealistic Representations is the answer.

I can create photorealistic scenes that are indistinguishable from real photographs and in many cases can be more impressive than reality itself.

I will create an accurate representation of your scene, providing high-quality architectural visualizations with the best lighting conditions and materials. I also provide the creation of 360 ° interactive stereoscopic renderings suitable to use for VR Headsets like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, that can offer a fully immersive experience. I can work with existing 3d models of your property or I can create them from 2D Sketches and Drawings.

Jewellery Design

Do you want your own custom jewelry that would be unique and made only for you? Your personal preferences about your dreamed jewelry combined with my proposals and experience can bring to reality the most amazing results. We can experiment with various designs and small detailed changes until we achieve the outcome that you have always wanted.

Are you a jewelry manufacturer and want to create 3D models of your products to present them in your website? I can offer you high quality photorealistic representations of your jewelries. Whether images is what you want or the 3d models themselves, I can deliver.

Are you a manufacturer who wants 3D models of your designs for prototyping? I will give you the final production-ready 3D model in the file format of your preference.